Aesthetic Medicine

Several procedures are performed trying to improve the aspect of the patient’s face and body.


The furrows and deep wrinkles that appear as a sign of the time going by can be treated with a simple implant of absorbable or even definitive substances under the skin. Each case is individually analyzed and along with the patient the choice of the product to be injected is made. The procedure can be performed with only an anesthetic ointment and the patient can return to work immediately.

Botulinum toxin

The botulinus toxin in very low dosages has been used for years in the treatment of face wrinkles. By being injected into the muscle it provokes its paralysis. Without its excessive contraction, the muscle relaxes along with the skin, softening or preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The injection is applied into the forehead and the lateral portions of the eyes. It can also be injected into the neck decreasing the platysma muscle bands. The paralyzing action on the muscle approximately lasts 3 months. This period of time varies among patients and the effect can endure more. There are no side-effects. Occasionally there can be equimoses but there is need for bed-rest and the patient can retake his/her daily activities immediately.


The rejuvenating surgery of the face must be completed with some procedures. The one we most use is the peeling with glycolic acid. Facial peeling is a method that promotes an exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin, softening thin wrinkles and removing blemishes. The procedure is repeated every seven days for a total of six times. After this period the patient is advised to use a glycolic acid cream every night at home which will complete the treatment. The peeling results can vary according to the skin thickness and to the depth of the wrinkles. The results can be seen after a few months of treatment.