Lingual Nerve Repair

Lingual nerve injuries are not rare. In most cases, they result from trauma during third molar extraction which, due to anatomical variation, is located very close to the inner wall of the mandible and, during tooth removal, an accident and / or injury to this nerve is very common. The incidence rate of these accidents is relatively low (23%) but when they occur, the effects consist of loss of taste sensation of food and numb tongue sensation. The injury may spontaneously reverse up to 2 months after the injury, depending on the case. Sometimes the injury may become permanent if spontaneous recovery does not occur within 6 months, and several treatments are available.

Surgical treatment through nerve exploration is a microsurgery restoring the anatomy of the affected nerve. It is performed under general anesthesia with hospitalization time of one day and results appear on average after 6 months. Like all peripheral nerve surgery, the result may be partial or even not happen.