Treatment of Enlarged Calf

Some women have enlarged calves. This increase is basically due to two aspects. The first is adiposity (fat) located in that region. In this case the treatment is done with liposuction. Other patients have this increase due to increased medial, lateral or soleus gastrocnemius muscle. In this situation, treatment is done with denervation, that is, a section of the nerve that innervates one of these muscles, causing it to atrophy and consequent decrease in its volume. An evaluation by the surgeon will make the diagnosis and then it will be decided which ideal treatment to be performed: liposuction, nerve section or both procedures.
Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts an average of 2 hours. An incision of approximately 3 cm is made in the posterior region of the knee and, if the patient’s healing is good, it will be barely visible. The necessary postoperative rest is 10 days.